Please find below some frequently asked questions, and feel free contact us if your question is not in the list.

  • I have some resources and information that I want to contribute with. Do I have to be a member in order to do this?

     No, you do not have to be a member of the platform to contribute. Kindly upload your materials at the resources and materials page and we will review and categorize it shortly.

    We appreciate your contribution! Please also see our list of the many good reasons to join the platform.

  • I have some resources, links or comments that I want to contribute with, how do I do this?

    The platform is based on the contributions of our members and we appreciate that you want to participate in sharing and expanding the platform’s knowledge.  To add something to the platform and website, please go to the resources and materials and upload it there. We will review and categorize it shortly.

  • I (or my organization) do not agree with, or do not want to publicly endorse, one or more of the principles. Can I still join the platform?

    Yes, The EECA MenEngage Platform recognizes that due to the political or social climate in the countries in the region, some organizations may be hesitant to sign onto all of the Guiding Principles, but would still like to participate as a member. In this case, we encourage that organizations sign onto the Core Principles and Code of Conduct, but adhere to the standard of “do no harm” which implies that they cannot make public statements that has the potential to breach the principles. For example, the EECA MenEngage Platform member may not put out or support any statement that mentions that LGBTiQ is not a justice issue and that they don’t support LGBTiQ rights. At the same time, these members are not bound to make a public statement in support of LGBTiQ people rights if the local context and climate doesn’t allow them to do so.

    By signing onto these Core Principles and Code of Conduct, EECA MenEngage Platform wants to take opportunities among members to invest internally to generate understanding and knowledge among the staff members on sexual diversity and human rights.

    If signing onto the Core Principles and/or Code of Conduct is a concern for your organization, please contact the MenEngage EECA Platform Coordinating Committee and/or MenEngage Alliance Global Secretariat.

  • Is the platform open for individuals, or do I have to represent an organization, state institution et cetera?

    Yes the platform is open for individuals, as we welcome the participation of experts in the field, academics and others who can benefit from being a member and who can contribute to the overall platform.

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