EECA MenEngage Platform


The Eastern Europe and Central Asia (EECA) MenEngage Platform is a network initiated by the United Nations Population Fund EECA Regional Office in collaboration with Promundo-US, MenEngage Alliance and UNFPA Country Offices in the EECA region. The platform is open for non-governmental organizations, civil society organizations, state institutions, experts, government representatives, academics and UN partners.

The platform aims to bring together different actors committed to engaging men and boys to address stereotypical gender norms and masculinities, eliminate violence against women and girls, combat harmful practices that foster injustice and increase access and utilization of sexual and reproductive health rights and services.

This regional Platform seeks to provide a collective voice on the need to challenge harmful gender norms, including through the engagement of men and boys alongside women and girls, to build and improve the field of practice around gender-transformation and advocating before policymakers at local, national and regional levels. Ultimately, the EECA MenEngage Platform will contribute to scaling up gender-transformative programming, including working with men and boys in gender justice. EECA Platform aims to complement and add value by bringing on the lens of engaging boys and men in gender equality and addressing masculinities to the struggles and achievements of women’s rights, feminist and social justice organizations/movements in the region, through strong partnership and collaboration.

The platform’s thematic issues (link) are based on the needs and wishes of the members of the platform, and might therefore further be developed as the platform grows.

Main purpose

  • The platform is intended to serve as a tool for the members to identify measures and evidence-informed programming to transform harmful gender norms as well as conceptual approaches to engage men and boys in gender equality.
  • The platform also serves as a space to share and exchange best practices, challenges, and lessons learned, and to receive and provide technical assistance.
  • Additionally, the platform aims to facilitate the creation of working groups and joint advocacy initiatives among the members, in working together on shared issues of focus. The platform may also establish committees seeking to strengthen various aspects of the governance and sustainability of the platform.

Main objectives

  • Disseminate and exchange information on engaging men and boys in gender-transformative programming being implemented in the region and beyond, in particular on the key issues of the platform.
  • Broaden network and field of actors in the region who work with men and boys on gender transformative approaches.
  • Provide opportunities for long-distance capacity building, such as through webinars and invitations to training events and conferences.
  • Be a collective to initiate joint advocacy, campaigns, initiatives and actions on the key issues of the alliance in the region, so as to amplify voices for gender justice along with collaborating with the existing women’s rights and social justice movements and groups.


The platform is the result of an already established cooperation between the UNFPA and civil society partners in EECA region. Since 2011, UNFPA-EECA Regional Office and their civil society partners across the region have engaged in a partnership to integrate gender-transformative approaches. The platform was launched in 2015 during a Promundo-led training by participants from civil society, UNFPA country-offices, the MenEngage Alliance Global Secretariat as well as government representatives.

For more information about gender transformative programming, please go to the gender glossary.