UNFPA Country Office in Kyrgyzstan together with the State Centre for Health Promotion and the Centre for Research of the Democratic Processes published a magazine "Oi-Jigit" dedicated to teenagers in Kyrgyzstan. 

The magazine is one component of the Positive Masculinity project and draws from experiences of work with teenage students of different ages. It addresses gender stereotypes and delves into teenagers' understanding of masculinity, by highlighting the importance of building positive and non-violent relations with peers of opposite sex, and tackling as well the consequences of early intimate relations. The magazine leads youth to reflect on causes of low self-confidence during adolescence, inviting to take an outside perspective when looking at oneself, hence helping them identifying each individual's strengths and unique features. "Oi-Jigit" contents also trigger reflection on various events, people, relationships, social activities, yet contributing to making and independent, voluntary and informed choice concerning particular behavioral models. 

Check the magazine in Russian here.


The World Bank and Sexual Violence Research Initiative shared a joint statement about this new funding opportunity, specifically for promising innovations aimed at preventing gender-based violence. 


Press release:




In summary;

- We match all of the guiding principles and are eligible for this funding opportunity as our countries are listed as Low and Middle Income (listed in World Bank) as required. 

- The length of this project must be within 24 months and cannot be grated more than $100,000This could be considered as a limit depending on the project/research we may want to conduct given the number of our COs.

- Any proposals (including the overhead) requesting above $100,000, will be rejected upon receipt.

As far as budgeting, it is expected that the award will cover all, or the majority of, the costs of the activities specified. 

- Project overhead cannot be more than 15%.

- he budget should be a definitive line-item budget for all direct costs, and administrative or indirect costs.

- It must exclude capital expendituregeneral operating support; U.S.-based activities (to my knowledge we do not do this anyway); and any lobbying activities. 


Individual cost items should match the scope of the project, reflect real or estimated cost burdens, and not be padded.

   - Personnel (employee): calculate the employee daily rate using the person’s annual salary inclusive of fringe benefits (e.g. pension, medical aid etc.) divided by 260.

   - Personnel (consultant): the daily cost of the consultant to your institution.


Steps or actions


Call / request for proposals

1 August 2017  

Closing date for applications

6 October 2017

WBG review

8-24 November

External review

12 Dec - Jan 2018

Communication of outcomes to the research committee

Feb 2018

Acceptance of grants by grantees Feb 2018 Participation in SVRI World Bank Group DM Awards Ceremony, Washington

April 2018

Individual Project timeframes

June 2018 – May 2020 (up to 24 months)



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