Ian McFarlane and Nigina Abaszade from the UNFPA EECA Regional Office Ian McFarlane and Nigina Abaszade from the UNFPA EECA Regional Office












Last week, on the 28th of September, the UNFPA EECARO organized a webinar to officially launch the EECA MenEngage Platform in collaboration with Promundo-US and MenEngage Alliance Global Secretariat. 

The webinar had nearly 50 participants, in addition to members participating in joint viewings with their local UNFPA Country Offices, which led to fruitful discussions, and we hope this level of participation will continue as we move forward with the EECA MenEngage Platform.  

Highlights from the webinar
Why establish the Platform:

o   EECA RO is changing to a different modality of engagement with partners: from conventional way of operation (training, workshops) to more innovative approach which will promote sustainability of the GTP in the region

o   Platform will present a wealth of new experiences accumulating in the region

o   Need a space to share and exchange best practices, challenges and lessons learned

o   Develop regionally relevant joint actions for advocacy and programming on gender equality

What will the Platform do:

o   Disseminate and exchange information on gender-transformative programming being implemented in the region

o   Provide opportunities for long-distance capacity building

o   Be a vehicle through which joint actions can be carried out

The First webinar of the platform was dedicated to introducing 
the Platform in light of the gender transformative programming and discussing the benefits of engaging men and boys. We discussed why this platform itself is essential, pointing to taking advantage of the increasing experiences of organizations working with engaging men and boys, creating a space to share and exchange, and creating joint activities in the field. Colleagues from Promundo-US and MenEngage Alliance elaborated on the foundation of the Platform, including its code of conduct and core principles, which are essential for members to comply with; focused on how we should work with engaging men and boys, as the concept of engaging men and boys has generally become more accepted, shifting the focus forward, from why to how

"By working together we can develop together" 
- Ian McFarlane, Deputy Regional Director of the UNFPA Eastern Europe and Central Asia Regional Office. 

The webinar recordings available online 
If you did not have a chance to participate in the webinar, or know someone who are interested in the Platform, you can find the recordings of the webinar below: 

The Russian recording of the webinar is also available here.

We are excited to move forward with the EECA MenEngage Platform, and to work together with members in the region, to build on each other's experiences, perspectives and knowledge.