UNFPA Country Office in Kyrgyzstan together with the State Centre for Health Promotion and the Centre for Research of the Democratic Processes published a magazine "Oi-Jigit" dedicated to teenagers in Kyrgyzstan. 

The magazine is one component of the Positive Masculinity project and draws from experiences of work with teenage students of different ages. It addresses gender stereotypes and delves into teenagers' understanding of masculinity, by highlighting the importance of building positive and non-violent relations with peers of opposite sex, and tackling as well the consequences of early intimate relations. The magazine leads youth to reflect on causes of low self-confidence during adolescence, inviting to take an outside perspective when looking at oneself, hence helping them identifying each individual's strengths and unique features. "Oi-Jigit" contents also trigger reflection on various events, people, relationships, social activities, yet contributing to making and independent, voluntary and informed choice concerning particular behavioral models. 

Check the magazine in Russian here.